Colorful Thursday

IMG_0813Gah! I’ve been so busy the last few days I haven’t posted! Sorry about that, kittens. Here’s my OOTD post for today, and it’s special, because I made the skirt!

Since I started dressing in pin-up/rockabilly style 24/7, my wardrobe has gone from 90% black to 90% color–and not just pastels. Bright, riotous, look-at-me color! I saw this fabric at Joann’s and I knew it would make a fabtastic skirt: it’s an Alexander Henry print called Los Novios, and I love the reactions it’s been getting. People look twice at the cheerful skulls and characters, smiling at the brides and the mariachi players and such. And it makes me smile too!

The skirt itself couldn’t be simpler; I made it last night. It’s 4 panels of fabric, each 32″ long, sewn together. Then I gathered the fabric into a waistband and sewed a black zipper in. Easy-peasy! IMG_0807

I’ll probably start work on one of the jumpsuits this weekend, so stay tuned for a slightly more detailed diary for that project. Until then, stay cool, kittens!

Jumpsuits for Joy!

As a plus-size girl, it can be enormously frustrating when the cutest pin-up fashions do not come in a large enough size for me. Designers like the Seamstress of Bloomsbury and Voodoo Vixen often don’t make anything above a size 12 or 14, which is much too small for me. But, as a seamstress, I can do something about that!


I’m going to focus on two projects: Voodoo Vixen’s sailor jumpsuit and another 40’s style jumpsuit (the inspiration is one I saw on Etsy). The first steps of any successful adaptation lie in finding the right pattern, and I found a great one for both. For the sailor suit, I’m using Butterick B6320, and a lovely navy ponte di roma knit. It won’t be a one-to-one reproduction, but it’ll be close enough to make me happy.

The other jumpsuit is a take on a Rosie the Riverter-esque denim overall, inspired by this set:


I love the flattering silhouette! I’ll be using a pattern from New Look, lengthening the legs to full-length and crossing the straps in the back like the inspiration. I also plan to make a blouse to go under the overall, and I’ve found a wonderful strawberry print cotton for it. I can’t wait to get

newlook-dresses-pattern-6446-envelope-frontstarted on both projects, and I’ll make sure to document as they progress!

Stay tuned for a review of a fabulous vintage-inspired dress from eShakti, and, as always, keep smiling, kittens!

Casual 40’s Love

Sometimes I don’t feel like a dress or a skirt–it doesn’t happen often, but it happens! On those days, I often pull out my sailor pants from Vivien of Holloway. There aren’t a lot of companies that do retro trousers in plus sizes; nearly all the cute sailor pants I find are way too small for me, and its sooooo frustrating. Its a little confusing too, since the mIMG_0627[1]odern pin-up community is, by and large, pretty curvy. But, I was happy when I found these, which run up to a 38 waist and a 50 hip–just my size! Yay! And they are seriously adorable: high-waisted, with huge white buttons up the side and a tiny pocket with an anchor on it.

The top is from one of my favorite companies, the extremely fat-girl-friendly Eshakti. Haven’t heard of them? They have a huge range of sizes and offer a lot of retro-inspired pieces–and they customize things like zipper placement, pockets, length, neckline, or sleeves. And they’ll even do the garment in your exact measurements! Their stuff is well-made too. I seriously love them.

Finally, a quick word about my hair/turban: My real hair is turquoise blue, whIMG_0623[1]ich if you follow this blog for a little while you’ll get a chance to see! But my office
doesn’t appreciate brightly colored hair, so I hear various wigs and hairpieces in auburn. This is a hairpiece that is just a set of bangs; my real hair is hiding under the turban. Its been so hot lately that I wanted something that would breathe! I have a little rolled scarf under the front to create a little height, so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a swimming cap 😉 And it wouldn’t be me without a pop of red!

See you tomorrow, kittens!

Flowers and satin and skirts–oh my!

Welcome to my first product review! I know, it’s super exciting. I mean, I’m excited, anyway!

As a curvy pin-up on a budget, I don’t shop at Modcloth as often as I’d like. While their stuff is pretty  cute, they can be a tad pricey–which is why finding the skirt on sale was a godsend! This is Modcloth’s “Ikebana for All” skirt, and it was my first purchase from Modcloth’s label (the site says its by Bea and Dot, but the skirt itself has a Modcloth label in it). That said, 10 of 10, would purchase again 🙂 The fabric is a lovely vibrant matte satiny-feel fabric, and it’s completely lined. It drapes beautifully, and twirls and swishes (I’m a particular fan of twirling and swishing). I always get complements in this skirt, and sadly I have to tell admirers that its not sold anymore–but Modcloth still has a wide range of similar flowery skirts for your enjoyment 🙂 And, most come in a wide range of sizes; I’m wearing a 2x here.

Keep watching my blog for more reviews (with more pictures next time–promise!) And check out my Instagram too: @the_real_ginger_szabo Catch you later, kittens!