Casual 40’s Love

Sometimes I don’t feel like a dress or a skirt–it doesn’t happen often, but it happens! On those days, I often pull out my sailor pants from Vivien of Holloway. There aren’t a lot of companies that do retro trousers in plus sizes; nearly all the cute sailor pants I find are way too small for me, and its sooooo frustrating. Its a little confusing too, since the mIMG_0627[1]odern pin-up community is, by and large, pretty curvy. But, I was happy when I found these, which run up to a 38 waist and a 50 hip–just my size! Yay! And they are seriously adorable: high-waisted, with huge white buttons up the side and a tiny pocket with an anchor on it.

The top is from one of my favorite companies, the extremely fat-girl-friendly Eshakti. Haven’t heard of them? They have a huge range of sizes and offer a lot of retro-inspired pieces–and they customize things like zipper placement, pockets, length, neckline, or sleeves. And they’ll even do the garment in your exact measurements! Their stuff is well-made too. I seriously love them.

Finally, a quick word about my hair/turban: My real hair is turquoise blue, whIMG_0623[1]ich if you follow this blog for a little while you’ll get a chance to see! But my office
doesn’t appreciate brightly colored hair, so I hear various wigs and hairpieces in auburn. This is a hairpiece that is just a set of bangs; my real hair is hiding under the turban. Its been so hot lately that I wanted something that would breathe! I have a little rolled scarf under the front to create a little height, so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a swimming cap 😉 And it wouldn’t be me without a pop of red!

See you tomorrow, kittens!

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