Flowers and satin and skirts–oh my!

Welcome to my first product review! I know, it’s super exciting. I mean, I’m excited, anyway!

As a curvy pin-up on a budget, I don’t shop at Modcloth as often as I’d like. While their stuff is pretty  cute, they can be a tad pricey–which is why finding the skirt on sale was a godsend! This is Modcloth’s “Ikebana for All” skirt, and it was my first purchase from Modcloth’s label (the site says its by Bea and Dot, but the skirt itself has a Modcloth label in it). That said, 10 of 10, would purchase again 🙂 The fabric is a lovely vibrant matte satiny-feel fabric, and it’s completely lined. It drapes beautifully, and twirls and swishes (I’m a particular fan of twirling and swishing). I always get complements in this skirt, and sadly I have to tell admirers that its not sold anymore–but Modcloth still has a wide range of similar flowery skirts for your enjoyment 🙂 And, most come in a wide range of sizes; I’m wearing a 2x here.

Keep watching my blog for more reviews (with more pictures next time–promise!) And check out my Instagram too: @the_real_ginger_szabo Catch you later, kittens!

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