Colorful Thursday

IMG_0813Gah! I’ve been so busy the last few days I haven’t posted! Sorry about that, kittens. Here’s my OOTD post for today, and it’s special, because I made the skirt!

Since I started dressing in pin-up/rockabilly style 24/7, my wardrobe has gone from 90% black to 90% color–and not just pastels. Bright, riotous, look-at-me color! I saw this fabric at Joann’s and I knew it would make a fabtastic skirt: it’s an Alexander Henry print called Los Novios, and I love the reactions it’s been getting. People look twice at the cheerful skulls and characters, smiling at the brides and the mariachi players and such. And it makes me smile too!

The skirt itself couldn’t be simpler; I made it last night. It’s 4 panels of fabric, each 32″ long, sewn together. Then I gathered the fabric into a waistband and sewed a black zipper in. Easy-peasy! IMG_0807

I’ll probably start work on one of the jumpsuits this weekend, so stay tuned for a slightly more detailed diary for that project. Until then, stay cool, kittens!

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