Jumpsuits for Joy!

As a plus-size girl, it can be enormously frustrating when the cutest pin-up fashions do not come in a large enough size for me. Designers like the Seamstress of Bloomsbury and Voodoo Vixen often don’t make anything above a size 12 or 14, which is much too small for me. But, as a seamstress, I can do something about that!


I’m going to focus on two projects: Voodoo Vixen’s sailor jumpsuit and another 40’s style jumpsuit (the inspiration is one I saw on Etsy). The first steps of any successful adaptation lie in finding the right pattern, and I found a great one for both. For the sailor suit, I’m using Butterick B6320, and a lovely navy ponte di roma knit. It won’t be a one-to-one reproduction, but it’ll be close enough to make me happy.

The other jumpsuit is a take on a Rosie the Riverter-esque denim overall, inspired by this set:


I love the flattering silhouette! I’ll be using a pattern from New Look, lengthening the legs to full-length and crossing the straps in the back like the inspiration. I also plan to make a blouse to go under the overall, and I’ve found a wonderful strawberry print cotton for it. I can’t wait to get

newlook-dresses-pattern-6446-envelope-frontstarted on both projects, and I’ll make sure to document as they progress!

Stay tuned for a review of a fabulous vintage-inspired dress from eShakti, and, as always, keep smiling, kittens!

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